CONNECTING WITH THE DIVINE : An Ancient Tradition Chimes In


Echoing the bells and singing bowls of both eastern and western traditions, the Angel Caller Necklace transcends this world with harmony. A precious charm of protection that connects us to the invisible around us. Pair it up with the Angel Caller Book and reach out to the divine. Start a conversation with your guardian angel or higher self, now. Download your Angel Caller App free and build your own connection to the divine within you.

Sometimes our Angel Caller is just what gives us the confidence we need to get something done, or to face a challenge. Sometimes it is a spiritual connection to a greater force, or a reminder of a greater purpose. But other times, our Angel Caller connects us to our very self.


Open Up To Conversation With Spirit

The Angel Caller Book, ANGEL CALLER: In Harmony With The Divine allows you to create a fluid conversation with your higher self, with no need for a middle man. 344 short answers provide your higher self with the tools to communicate with you directly, with no need for interpreters. The Angel Caller book acts as a bridge, a medium between you and your subconscious, your higher self or guardian angel.

Let’s Play Synchronicity

Just focus, concentrate on your question at hand and open up the book to find your answer. It is the act of focusing and searching for answers that set off the synchronistic events that follow, in order to fulfill your request. The Angel Caller Book is just a facilitator.

The Angel Caller book includes both very direct and some more ambiguous answers. But each answer changes meaning according to context, hence the question is what gives meaning to the answer. So, keep that in mind. If you’re getting a lot of ambiguous answers, the book is not the one responsible for that: and you’ll need to take that on with your higher power.

Let’s Play Now!

The Angel Caller Book is also available in a free app. Download your Angel Caller App from the AppStore, Google Play or Amazon Apps.

Noe, it's that easy to get in touch with the divine within you!