SPIRITUAL ALIGNMENT : Keep Your Angel By Your Heart


Ancient traditions move, expand and take on new names while retaining their original purpose. The Angel Caller necklace is one of those long millennial customs that has been incorporated into very different and distant civilizations under various names.


What Is An Angel Caller?

An Angel Caller is a chime inside a silver ball pendant, a gift of protection for people we love. Traditionally given to expecting mothers, the Angel Caller is also known as “harmony ball,” “chime ball,” “pregnancy harmony ball,” “pregnancy chime ball,” “maternity necklace,”  “maternity chime pendant,” and more.


A Resounding Spiritual Tradition

This ancient tradition follows the belief that the harmonious sounds of an Angel Caller evoke our guardian angels. Chiming balls, bells and singing bowls are but a few examples of how sound has been identified and used for millennia to enter trances, transcend reality, commune with nature and communicate with a higher realm.

A Talisman Of Protection

Expecting mothers wear the long chain silver Angel Caller as early as two months into the pregnancy, the time when the baby starts to hear. The soothing chimes of the Angel Caller will accompany the child while in the womb. Once the baby is born, this protection talisman will be hung close to the crib, as the subtle sounds of the chimes will be associated with the safety of the womb and have a comforting effect on the baby.

An Angel Caller becomes an item of baby memorabilia that the child can wear later on in life.


A Unisex Favorite

This unisex piece of jewelry is a prized possession among couples. Bringing them closer together on a spiritual level and serving as a talisman of protection and connection when apart. An Angel Caller is a sweet gift that charms the heart.