The Long Tradition Of The Angel Caller Spans Through Millennia


Appearing in cultures from Indonesia, Italy and Ireland, all the way to Mexico, legend tells of the uniqueness of the Angel Caller as a tool to commune with the divine. It is said that each Angel Caller has its own sound, predestined to harmonize with its owner, to communicate with their guardian angel.

Until today, in Italy, a sterling silver Angel Caller is given to loved-ones for divine protection. It is a tradition to gift them to expecting mothers, to safeguard both the baby and the mother. When the baby is born, the Angel Caller is hung close to the crib, for the calming effect of the subtle sounds of the chimes.


Your Angel Caller Is Handcrafted In Italy By The Keepers Of The Art Of This Long Held Tradition

Produced in small quantities to keep the process in the hands of the masters, the Angel Caller necklace is only available while supplies last.


Each Angel Caller is unique and created by hand by master jewelers in southern Italy. The process starts with the casting of two half spheres and hanging hardware with solid Italian sterling silver. A perfectly tuned and tested brass chime is inserted into the cast and the spheres are closed at very specific temperatures to avoid melting the delicate brass mechanisms. Once the hanging hardware is added to the pendant and the Italian bead chain with logo-tag and lobster-clasp has been assembled, all pieces receive a silver electroplating finish for maximum shine and durability.


This Modern Interpretation Of The Traditional Angel Caller Necklace Transcends The Material To Reach The Heart

With its unisex design, the Angel Caller pendant is available on a short & thick or a long & thin bead chain, to suit all preferences.


While the short thick chain is favored by most men, the long necklace is every woman’s favorite. Its adaptable nature allows for quick customization to fit every neckline, situation or event. A perfect travel companion, the Angel Caller Long Necklace keeps your look fresh and your angel by your side.


Change Your Style From Day To Night — Or From Hour To Hour

The Angel Caller long necklace can be quickly styled to fit four different lengths, to match every outfit, neckline & whim you may acquire.


The Angel Caller Necklace

The Angel Caller Noose

The Angel Caller Necktie


The Angel Caller Loop Back