Get a Straight Answer



In Harmony with the Divine


700 Pages
5 x 1.5 x 8 inches
ISBN 978-1940692449


Picking up where other methods of divination leave off, the ANGEL CALLER BOOK gets you a straight answer from your higher self, guardian angel or, lets just call it "destiny".

This book isn’t magic, nor does it pretend to be. Life is magic and we’re the magicians in the making. With that being said, it is the communication between the magician and the divine that prompted this book and every other means of divination.

Designed to create a fluid conversation with our higher self, the ANGEL CALLER is meant to be used when in high spirits, as like attracts like. Focusing on the question at hand, stroke the ANGEL CALLER BOOK, connecting with it, until your subconscious takes over. When you feel ready, open the book to reveal your answer. Ask as many questions as you want, but when you’re done, always remember to thank your angel for his guidance.