In Harmony With The Divine


700 Pages
5 x 1.5 x 8 inches
ISBN 978-1940692449

Picking up where other methods of divination leave off, the Angel Caller Book gets you a straight answer from your higher self, guardian angel, or lets just call it "destiny."

This book isn’t magic, nor does it pretend to be. Life is magic and we’re the magicians in the making. With that being said, it is the communication between the magician and the divine that prompted this book.

Designed to create a fluid conversation with our higher self, your Angel Caller Book serves as a medium between your conscious mind and your divine light. It is meant to be used when in high spirits, as like attracts like.

While holding on to your book, concentrate on a question with a “yes” or “no” answer. You may stroke your book, connecting with it, while focusing on the question until your subconscious takes over. When you feel ready, open up the book to reveal your answer.

Stay in that state of mind and switch your focus to your next question. When you’re ready, open up your book to reveal the answer. Repeat the process until you reach a fluid conversation.

Ask as many questions as you want, your angel will let you know when enough is enough.

Keep in mind that this book is not responsible for synchronistic answers. So, once you’re finished, remember to thank your angel for his guidance.


The Angel Caller Book was created from a single automatic writing session. Both the Angel Caller App and the Book contain 344 answers meant to equip your higher self with the tools to communicate directly with you through short messages.

The Angel Caller Book relies on synchronicities created by the end user. The book itself is a tool that helps enter a meditative, or “harmonious,” state of mind through focus, while facilitating the immediate manifestation of synchronicities via questions and answers.

Entering a meditative state, while communicating with your higher self, may be the reason users claim this app helps them cope with stressful situations, anxieties and fears of the unknown. This app seems to have a calming effect, helping people view their issues from more positive outlooks. Many have claimed to feel guided into a more centered state, while some Yoga and Reiki teachers have adopted it as a tool for spiritual alignment.

We seriously do not believe it is the app doing any of that. So, when you perceive synchronicity at work, remember to thank your angel for the answers!

The Angel Caller Book is meant for entertainment purposes only.