Following our intuition is one of the hardest lessons. A lifetime of “I knew this would happen” doesn't seem to afford most of us enough opportunities to realize that the feeling that gave us that knowledge is no other than our best ally, our intuition.


The realization that there is more to life outside the narrow spectrum our physical eyes can perceive, should be an awakening to our astral senses. Astral senses are no different than physical senses, just tuned to a frequency outside of our physical range.

Inspired on the old tradition of opening a book at random to receive an answer from our higher self, the Angel Caller book facilitates this communication by getting you clear responses. Concentrate, and a fluid conversation can come to life, getting you connected and communing with the divine.

While learning to follow our intuition, the Angel Caller book serves as a medium, a translator between our conscious mind and our higher self. It is a direct method of communication, because short messages don’t require an interpreter. While tarot readings, angel card readings, tea leaf readings, natal chart readings and other methods of divination take away your own connection to the divine to rely on someone else’s interpretations, the Angel Caller book empowers us to develop and strengthen our own connection to our higher selves.


The Angel Caller book is designed to help you find spiritual alignment. The best way to use this book is by making it a little ritual. Start with a shower, to cleanse the energies collected throughout the day. Find a quiet space, somewhere conducive to meditation. Turn your phone and distractions off and light a candle and some incense sticks. You may add some meditative music and actually meditate a little.

Once you feel centered and calm, hold your book and gently stroke it, getting your energy to wrap around it. Think of your question, focus on it, and when you’re ready, open up the book to reveal your answer. Close the book with care and keep stroking it. Think of your next question, and when you’re ready, open up the book to reveal your answer. Keep this process going until you’ve created a flowing conversation, aligning with your higher self.