The series of synchronicities that lead to the creation of Angel Caller could only be told in a book cataloged under fiction

It was back in 2012, during a trip to Italy, that we became familiar with the old tradition of the Angel Caller necklace. Designed to reach beyond our material world, this shamanic instrument has survived time, progress and innovation charming the wise and uplifting the pure at heart. There is a subtle connection to the invisible that makes each Angel Caller a talisman of protection.

After searching for a modern and well crafted piece became futile, we acquired a few samples of the Indian and Chinese renditions, usually made of cheap alloys and found at street fairs in Florence. But it was during that same trip that we re-encountered family after one hundred years of separation; and by pure dumb luck. But how many coincidences can you believe in before you start suspecting something fishy going on behind the scenes of this magical theater we call life?

Our newly-found long-lost cousins included our master jeweler, among many other delightful people we love to call family. But it was the synchronicities that led us to that reunion that prompted the Angel Caller Book and soon after, the Angel Caller App we love and consult ourselves. Discover them today, align yourself, prompt synchronicity and create a fluid conversation with your higher self or guardian angel.



The Angel Caller Necklace is a modern rendition of the original and classic sterling silver sphere. It contains a brass mechanism that emits a subtle chime when shaken and comes paired with a branded bead chain.


Passed on from one generation to the next, the tradition of the Angel Caller is alive and well in many countries around the world. In Italy, today, it is customary to gift an Angel Caller to to loved ones as a talisman of protection.


Created with meticulous attention to detail, the Angel Caller Necklace is handcrafted in Italy, in high-polished .925 sterling silver, by the keepers of the art of this long held tradition.