BABY SHOWERS : Are We Tempting Fate?


A very popular American tradition that seems to have its roots well planted somewhere between marketing and advertising. A celebration that doesn't stem from the old continent, or any other continent for that matter; the baby shower.

Europeans, South Americans and just about all foreigners new to this tradition, tremble at the discovery of “the baby shower.”

The idea of celebrating anything before its outcome is usually taboo in most cultures; and while you may screw up and celebrate your team’s future win in a moment of euphoria, you would never celebrate your child before birth. Maybe a longer history has taught them a few extra lessons, such as not tempting fate.

But when faced with a baby shower, the dilemma is usually the same. Do we fold to American customs and buy the next item on the registered list? Or do we search for that perfect baby shower gift that still abides by our cultural beliefs?

The brilliant solution to this conundrum lies back in the old world. What would you gift an expecting mother back home?


An Italian .925 sterling silver Angel Caller necklace rises to the occasion, bringing with it all of its history, tradition and charm. A talisman of protection for both mother and baby. A token of love designed to last a lifetime and bound to become a treasured keepsake. A resounding unisex gift idea for a mother-to-be and a father-to-be with a subtle chime.


 An Angel Caller is an Italian .925 sterling silver bead chain & spherical pendant containing a brass musical mechanism that emits a subtle harmonious chime when shaken.