THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT : The Traditional Sterling Silver Maternity Necklace


While diapers, bottles and blankets are very useful and on every baby shower registry list, they eventually serve their purpose and find their way to the trash bin. But if you’re looking for a gift that will transcend the conventional and touch the heart, an Angel Caller Necklace is bound to resonate with the mother-to-be and make its way from a talisman of protection to a beloved keepsake.


An Angel caller is a silver ball containing a brass mechanism that emits a harmonious chime when shaken. The long tradition of the Angel Caller spans for millennia and throughout the world. Angel Callers were given to family and friends for protection, as its chimes were said to keep their guardian angel by their side.

Expecting mothers were gifted this silver harmony ball to be worn during pregnancy. Once the child was born, the Angel Caller would be hung near the crib for its calming effects. Some parents prefer to keep wearing their Angel Callers after the baby is born, and being a unisex piece, Angel Callers are the most original gift for fathers-to-be too.


For Europeans or Latin Americans, who do not celebrate a baby until the baby is born and all fingers and toes have been counted, picking out a gift for a baby shower can be disorienting and stressful.

Angel Caller necklaces are so popular in these cultures because they are a gift of protection for expecting mothers. It is also the first gift the child will become familiar with before birth.

Angel Caller offers a clean, unisex, modern design with a minimalist and practical approach. Handcrafted in Italy of .925 Italian sterling silver, and containing a brass mechanism with a harmonious chime, Angel Caller offers two options of necklace length. The Angel Caller Long Thin Chain, most women’s favorite, is a 35” long bead chain in .925 Italian sterling silver that can be wrapped around in four different ways; changing styles and length from long to medium, to short. Both chains are finished with a logo-tag and lobster-clasp. The Angel Caller Short Thick Chain boasts a 0.1” thickness and is 20” long, a favorite of both men and women alike.

As spiritual jewelry goes, not many other pieces of jewelry can reach the high resonance of an Angel Caller. Its presentation alone increases vibrations to those of pure delight and happiness. So, if you’re looking for something special, an Angel Caller is a truly resounding gift!