A MOTHER'S DAY GIFT : Celebrating Every Mother's Sixth Sense


It is commonly noted how mothers posses an elevated awareness when it comes to their children. From understanding their child’s needs to determining their health, a mother’s bond may allow them to know if there is anything wrong with their child even when physically separated. A nine-month connection creates the mother-child bond that defies our current accepted reality and stirs our imaginations. Mothers have this gift and children have their divine protection.

The Perfect Symbol : The Angel Caller

Celebrating this relationship with a resounding gift that transcends the material is an acknowledgement of that bond and a symbol of that everlasting connection.


What Is An Angel Caller?

An Angel Caller is a .925 Italian sterling silver sphere containing a brass mechanism that emits a harmonious chime when shaken. Handcrafted in Italy, the Angel Caller is available on a long and thin bead chain or a short and thick bead chain, both made of .925 sterling sliver with logo-tag and lobster-clasp.

A Stunning Presentation

Designed to evoke love at first sight, the packaging includes a black cube watch box with logo icon in white, within a black gift box wrapped with a thick black satin bow and topped with the brand’s geometric origami butterfly. Everything sits neatly inside a clear acrylic box optimized for mailing.

The Tradition Of The Angel Caller

Usually given to friends and family for protection, a harmony ball is an ancient tradition sharing its roots with Tibetan singing bowls, church’s bells and even Christmas jingle bells. For millennia, vibrations have been employed to reach spiritual alignment, higher states of consciousness, to communicate with the divine or to heal the spirit, mind and body.

Expecting mothers were given this silver talisman on a long necklace for protection. The mother would wear the necklace during pregnancy and when the baby was born, the chimes would become a comforting sound with a powerful calming effect. The perfect gift for any mother-to-be, the Angel Caller is sometimes called the pregnancy necklace or the maternity necklace because of the popularity of this age-old tradition.


Exceeding All Expectations

This soulful jewelry outshines practicality and materialism to go straight for the heart. Reinforcing connections and recognizing bonds, an Angel Caller Necklace is a unique, original, everlasting keepsake and a superb gift for any mom.