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The series of synchronicities that lead to the creation of ANGEL CALLER could only be told in a book, but it would need to be cataloged under fiction. One day, maybe, but for now, we would like to bring to light an ancient and very special tradition that has survived time, progress and innovation with its subtle harmonious chime. An instrument designed to reach beyond our material world, charming the wise and uplifting the pure at heart.



An ANGEL CALLER is a modern and minimalist design inspired on the original and classic sterling silver sphere. It contains a brass mechanism that emits a subtle chime when shaken and comes paired with a branded bead chain in either short & thick or long & thin choices.

The long and unique tradition of the ANGEL CALLER spans through millennia, appearing in cultures from Indonesia and Italy to Mexico. Legend tells of the uniqueness of the ANGEL CALLER, as a spiritual tool to commune with nature and the divine.



Passed on from one generation to the next, the tradition is alive and well and very much cherished in many countries around the world.

In Italy today, it is customary to gift an ANGEL CALLER to expecting mothers to protect both the baby and the mother. When the baby is born, the ANGEL CALLER is hung close to the crib for protection and for the calming effect of the subtle sounds of the chimes.


Created by Italian/American designers M. Tito & L. Di Alessandro, with meticulous attention to detail, ANGEL CALLER reflects its superior craftsmanship in high-polished .925 Italian sterling silver.

Handcrafted in Italy by the keepers of the art of this long held tradition, each ANGEL CALLER is conceived with respect for heritage, mastery and in perfect harmony.