“In silence, we can hear the song within.” — Anonymous

For millennia, shamans have used sound to enter trance states in search of higher spiritual awareness. The subtle chimes of the Angel Caller pendant connect our conscious to the realm of the divine, as its harmonious sounds transport our awareness to the whispers of nature.

Aligning With Spirit

By opening our consciousness to the vast knowledge of our subconscious mind, we gain access to massive amounts of information. By opening our minds to the nature of the universe, we gain purpose, wisdom and peace.


Resonating With Our Higher Self

An Angel Caller Necklace is a constant reminder of spirit, of who we are. This constant reminder helps keep us on a higher vibration, making it more difficult to fall into the trappings that bring us down. Sometimes, all it takes is a chime from that Angel Caller to keep us from making the wrong decision or help us think before our emotions take over us.

The subtle chimes of the Angel Caller bring us closer to our subconscious mind, closer to our higher self, prompting us to evolve, to rise, to overcome our egos, balance our polarities and integrate ourselves.

A Seeker’s Keeper

This Shaman’s talisman is a seeker’s delight. A token of a personal search, a magical tool for a mysterious journey and a resounding connection to spirit.